About Our Goods We have developed a reliable network of local artisans in Senegal, mostly based in Dakar, who produce a range of beautiful pictures, necklaces, and items of clothing themselves. We buy direct from the source where we can, and make a point to pay them fairly, and not only by local market rates, which allows them to support their livelihood. We want you to feel good about shopping with us!  Mission Statement Our Mission Statement is that we treat people as we would want to be treated. We ensure that we have a good relationship with our traders and treat them fairly, and in these tough times we are proud to support local crafts people by buying from them direct. What better way to help than to allow someone to work with crafts that they love and are trained in? To shop you will  need to submit by category which is on the left hanside pop up in the shopping area, you have option of using the different product available for instant.

The boys's clothing are between age 2 to 5 years therefore if you order , you will need to precise the pattern   and the size you are looking for so will do our best to satisfy your order. We also have men's clothing just tell us the pattern and size you would lilke and will sort it out.

Thank you for your support.

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